Social Media Optimization and Content Strategy.

Social Media is a communications tool.

Before jumping into social media for your business it is critical that you understand that, at its heart, social media networks are communications tools.
Many social media experts come from a marketing and sales background and a lot of the material you will read puts social media into a marketing context. 

For those new to social media, this creates the impression that social platforms are a form of advertising. Using push-marketing tactics for posts on Google+, Facebook and other major platforms will not lead to success for your business.  

Before you set up shop on any social network, consider these points:

  • Social media is a communications tool, not an advertising channel.
  • Social media is not free. Your time has value.
  • Set goals, identify relevant metrics, measure results.
  • Experiment with media types, post formats and platforms. 
  • Re-purpose content for different media and platforms.


Social Media Tactics and ROI - What will work for your company?

  • How is the Return on Investment (ROI) measured for Social Media? Do "Likes" = $?
  • What are the alternatives to paid advertising that will build awareness for your brand?
  • How will social media activities integrate with existing online assets? (Website, business listings, social cross-promotion, etc.)
  • Should your employees communicate on behalf of the company? Do you need a social media policy?

Content strategy that employs all media.

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.
  • Audio and video media open new channels and platforms to connect with customers.
  • Which type of media is cost-effective and works for your business?

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