Managed Services

Technology service support for your organization to manage information and improve workflow while supporting secure account management practices and employee happiness through friendly IT/admin support and user training.

Simple Archive Service for Google Drive and YouTube

The Simple Archive Service is a secure file archiving service that connects your Google Drive to cloud storage services like Amazon S3 (AWS) or Google Cloud Storage (GCS). You simply drag any file into a shared folder in Drive to sync to the external cloud storage service.

  • SAS works with Google for Work (Google Apps) user Drive accounts or your personal Google+ Drive account.
  • Support for organizations of any size including multiple AWS accounts and regional buckets.
  • Options for low cost long-term storage on Amazon Glacier or Google Nearline storage by simply dragging files into a folder on Google Drive.
  • Redundant storage means your data is secure even if your Google Drive or Google for Work account is hacked or deleted.
  • You can distribute files between organizations or clients without the hassle of managing IAM user credentials for AWS S3 accounts and buckets.
  • Drop a file in a Drive folder on your end, and it appears in the regional bucket you clients or staff can access with the lowest latency and transfer cost.
  • Your YouTube channel playlists can downloaded to Drive, S3 or GCS storage. Never worry about losing your YouTube videos again.
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Photo Archive Service for Google Drive and AWS

The Photo Archive Service (PAS) offers a simple solution for maintaining cloud backups of digital photos and managing their use for social media campaigns. The photo archive works by connecting your Google Drive account to a virtual machine instance used to manage your archive and store it in any combination of private or public Amazon S3 buckets for secure backup, social media campaigns or to serve to a website.

  • Photographs can be uploaded using the Google Sync app or browser upload to Drive or regional Amazon S3 buckets.
  • Your personal user account credentials for Google Drive or Google for Work accounts are not required for most configurations.
  • Amazon S3 buckets can serve images to high-traffic websites or social media campaigns.
  • Images are automatically edited to include a caption and/or copyright watermark.
  • Original images can be archived to Amazon S3 reduced redundancy storage, Amazon Glacier or Google Cloud Storage to reduce costs.
  • Dedicated support for high upload volume, multi-user organizations and Drive accounts over standard 15/30GB user capacity are available.
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Video Marketing Strategy for Hangouts On Air

Video marketing can be valuable to a business but it should be part of an overall branding and content strategy. Hangouts On Air can be an important component in a social media networking strategy, not just to build followers, but to build relationships that can lead to collaborations that create new business opportunities. Let me help you build a social media campaign to support your Hangout On Air event or show.

  • I conduct a technical review of your hardware and "set" to determine if your show will meet your expectations for production quality.
  • Planning your show starts with a social media profile review and a discussion of the 6 Elements of a successful HOA show.
  • I review your blog and YouTube channel to identify existing evergreen content could support the social campaign promoting your show.
  • Promotion can include social channels owned by to magnify the reach for your Hangout On Air event.
  • Ask how you can reduce the cost an ongoing campaign by hosting select HOA events on community-targeted YouTube channels.
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